Dukan Diet – About it’s name , what and for whom is it intended

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Today , I’m starting a new series about the variety of diets. I’m sure you’ll find these articles very useful . the first one will be the famous “Dukan diet”.
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Dukan Diet – about it’s name , what and for whom is it intended

The Dukan diet is named after its inventor, French Dr. Pierre Dukan and originated in France. Dukan based on many studies he has conducted on the subject, which describes Dukan’s diet in great detail.

The book, by the way, has sold over 7 million copies and translated into 14 different languages. Dukan began to develop the diet method in 1975 when he first encountered a patient with obesity for the first time in his life. For 20 years, Dukan has developed his diet that provides an alternative to other methods that used to be used to treat obesity.

The diet itself is based on a list of 100 possible types of foods and is divided into 4 stages: attack, cruise, foundation and stabilization. The diet focuses on eating high-protein foods and not eating foods full of fats and carbohydrates. It is considered to be an effective and feasible diet to have. recently , even famed Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife chose to try.

Fast weight loss is not an easy task to achieve, and more difficult to maintain. The Dukan diet purports to be a diet through which you can lose weight relatively quickly and maintain the new cut you will get without starving yourself.

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