Dukan Diet – The 4 steps

The 4 steps of the Dukan diet

Dr Dukan Explains on his book four steps for his diet success :


The phase where you should lose weight between 2 and 3 kg in a short period of up to a week and start to increase your body’s metabolic rate. At this point you can choose what to eat and how many from a list of 68 high protein foods.


A slightly more moderate phase during which ones attempt to reach the goal they set themselves by eating protein-rich foods plus 28 specific types of vegetables that have a low amount of fat and carbohydrates (such as potatoes and avocados). At this stage the expectation should be 1 kg per week.


The foundation phase is designed to prevent future weight gain or return to the original weight. This is a milder phase of the Dukan diet that allows eating fruits, bread, cheeses and a number of other foods that have hitherto been forbidden to eat. The diet allows eating 2 meals with the above foods a week, but no more.


If you have reached the stabilization stage you are in excellent condition! At this stage, you can eat almost anything you want, but you have to follow a few basic rules: one day a week to eat only high-protein foods, eat oats every day and try sports activities. The stabilization phase accompanies the person for the rest of his life and never ends. This is to make sure you don’t lose weight again.

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